Camaro Build Process Codes

(1000) Order On Hold at Dealership
(1100) Order placed at dealership. Order passed GM edit tables but dealer has not received allocation to place order.
(1101) Order Entered into System
(1102) Order entered via web.
(2000) Order accepted by GM. Dealer used allocation to place order into production.
(2001) Order Generated to Dealer
(2005) Order Replaced with GM Prospec Order
(2030) Order edited or modified.
(2050) Order Changed
(2500) Order preferenced. Order pulled to the production system.
(3000) Order accepted by production control. Parts being ordered and production process is underway.
(3100) Order available to sequence.
(3300) Order scheduled for production. Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle.
(3400) Order Broadcast (internal plant paperwork order produced). Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together.
(3800) Order produced and vehicle is being prepared for shipping. For GM customers, please contact your dealer or customer service for further updates as no further updates available at this time.
(4000) Vehicle available to ship.
(4104) Bailment invoice created (vehicle is about to leave plant property).
(4B00) Your car is bayed and is waiting for transportation by truck, rail or transfer to vendor.
(4106) Bailment released (vehicle has left plant property).
(4150) Invoiced (order is invoiced to the dealer).
(4200) Vehicle Shipped
(4300) Intermediate Delivery
(4V03) Estimated Delivery Date
(4800) Rail Ramp Unload
(5000) Vehicle Delivered to Dealer
(6000) Vehicle delivered to customer or dealer has completed customer paperwork.
(9000) Order Cancelled